Simple Way Audio DI box line
In our products you will find a full color spectrum of your instrument.

D Series

D Series was our debut on the market at 2015, and we ourselves consider it to be the “reference device”. In 2019, we have released an updated version ”REV 2”. We improved ground interference resistance, and distortion, which, at first glance, has impossible value of 0.001%@775mV/1kHz.

D Series has an active pass-through output, which allows you to decouple the load on DI box input, with its pass-through output (THRU), thereby keeping the output impedance for the instrument unchanged not influencing sound and tone.

D Series device is equipped with our Simpleway Ground Safety technology, the indicator shows whether it is necessary to use the ground lift.

Simpleway D Series comes in:

  • D1 mono
  • D2 stereo
  • D8 8-channel rack mountable

J Series

This series of direct boxes features an original input stage built on field-effect transistors (FET), with a bandwidth of 200kHz and an overload margin of 12 dBu. Why do I need so much, you’ll ask? – It gives a wider sound, softness, micro and macro dynamics.

This device can reveal the entire dynamic range of any, even the most sensitive instrument. J1 has increased resistance to- ground loop interference. (ground-related noise arising from ground loops)

Along with D Series, J Series also have our “Simpleway Ground Safety” technology, which will indicate and warn technicians in time if there is any ungrounded gear on a stage, which makes any J Series device essential to any studio and concert stage.

J series is created with a focus on musical instruments such as – bass guitar, electric guitar, double bass or keys.Thanks to the J-fet input, the J series has a large overload capacity, that makes the instrument sound full and lively.

Simpleway J Series comes in:

  • J1 mono
  • J2 stereo
  • J8 8-channel rack mountable

HD Series (mono)

The premium flagship of our line that meets the highest requirements of dynamics and sound texturing. This product was made for people who have a collection of expensive instruments and want to discover the whole palette of the detailed sound. This device brings you a whole new emotion of your instrument.

Fundamentally different circuit and engineering solution made it possible to convey an entire wide range of dynamics more naturally and vividly while preserving the most subtle nuances of the performance.

Great care for parts and materials selection process is the key to the result for this device.

Printed circuit boards are made of a special material with an extra thick copper conductor coated with gold.

As well all internal parts and elements in HD series were soldered with high silver solder.

In fact, you are buying an audiophile device.